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Trial Instruction Flight - TIF

In order to take a member of the public up for a trial instructional flight (TIF), your pilot must be a registered instructor with the Recreational Aviation of Australia (RAA) to ensure the quality of service, safety of aircraft and experience of your pilot is adhered too.

Strict civil aviation rules govern the level of experience and training your pilot has obtained. All instructors at Aerochute International have achieved the experience needed to ensure that flying with us is memorable and safe.

You will simply love the experience of flying in an Aerochute as we repeatedly hear from our passengers that this form of flight is the closest way to fly like an eagle. Please wear sensible closed footwear, no thongs or loose fitting shoes allowed.

Also it is recommended to bring along a jacket that can be zipped up or firmly secured without flapping to much in the wind, and no scarves. Your pilot will provide you with a flying suit and all the necessary gear for cold days.

Should you elect to proceed with further flight training, your time in the Aerochute during this initial flight will be awarded towards your pilots license.

Trial Introduction Flights (TIFs) can be booked online here

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