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The "Aerochute Association of Australia" AAA Inc based in Victoria is the main club for people flying the Aerochute.

Aerochute Industries is actively setting up clubs around Australia to meet the growing demand for people wanting to get together and fly their Aerochutes.


The AAA club started from humble beginnings, but grew steadily as more people experienced the thrill of flying Aerochutes. As Stephen and John Conte sold more Aerochutes and licensed more pilots, they kept them in touch by a single sheet flyer. The first of which came out in November 1992. This was notifying Aerochute pilots of a fly-in at Barwon Heads Airport and BBQ after the flying. Also there were lots of technical tips and reminders of safe flying practices mentioned in the flyer.

The fly-in was so successful and the 7 pilots who attended enjoyed themselves so much they decided to start a club. A name was chosen straight away and the AAA was born. The first issue of the AAA magazine came out in April 1993. This was to announce a fly-in at Mangalore Airfield.

The AAA magazine went out to 25 members around Australia. Most of them were in Vic., but there were flyers in ACT, NSW, WA and Queensland. These flyers were sending in stories and there flying experiences for the magazine.

In the 2nd issue of the magazine, Stephen Conte was calling for pilots to be nominated as committee member’s for the now incorporated AAA. Also in this magazine came a story from the ACT. Pilot David Ferry was the first Aerochuter to fly his aircraft across the top end of Australia. Another pair of Aerochuters flew from Cairns to Cape York. All this was really wetting pilot’s appetites for more Aerochuting adventures.

By the end of that year 1993, in issue No 4 of the magazine, our first elected President, Neville Daniel announced the names of fellow pilots who had been elected committee members of the AAA club.

These were Secretary Stephen Conte, Social Director John Dunn, Communications officer Nick Sikiotis, Safety Officer Charlie Corke and magazine Editor Peter Thistlewaite.

The club has gone from strength to strength since then.We have flyers writing stories of there flying adventures with their families, touring interstate, of flyers rounding up camels in central Australia.

There has been an Aerochuter gold prospecting from his aircraft, in the ACT. On the Shoalhaven river. There are farmers using there Aerochutes to check on there stock and property, which makes for great reading. There is also an annual account from the Aerochuters who participate in the world power parachute competition in the USA each year. This makes for great reading of their time there.

Stephen and John Conte, the Manufactures of our aircraft, keep us informed of there international experiences to introduce the Aerochute overseas. So far they have being to Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, USA, South Africa and Vanuatu.

Now in 2005, the magazine is up to issue no. 38, and goes out to 133 members, in USA, New Zealand and every state in Australia.

We have members in Derby Kununurra WA. In Darwin and outback Queensland.

In Sydney, right next to an air force base and in many country towns across Australia.

The aim and the vision of the Aerochute Association of Australia inc. is to bring together a unique breed of people, all witch have the passion to escape the restriction of gravity and want to experience the freedom of flying through the most gentle flyer of them all the Aerochute.

The aim of our magazine is still the same, to publish letters and stories from our flyers, and to write about maintenance and flying tips for our aircraft, and to notified all our flyers on coming events.

Our club is maintained solely by volunteers, whose love of flying Aerochutes, keeps everybody up to date and informed

The Aerochute Association of Australia inc. is welcoming new members, flyers or any one with the passion to fly in the future

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