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Are Aerochutes safe to fly in ?

What happens if the engine stops ?
You fly down as a parachute would and flare the canopy before landing.

What happens if my parachute rips ?
You can still land safely.

Has anyone died flying an aerochute ?

When should I fly ?
Anytime the wind is less then 15 knots. Best times are in the morning or evening.

What should I wear when I fly?
Wear warm clothes or a flying suit.

Do I need a helmet ?

What are the most common accidents that occur ?
Taking off in strong winds and tipping the aerochute over on the ground 


Is an Aerochute an aircraft or an ultra light ?
The aerochute is a group D ultra light, registered with the Recreation Aviation Australia (RAA).

How fast do they fly ?
Up to 70 km/h.

How high do they fly ?
The legal limit is 5000 ft, 1524 metres.

How long can they fly ?
Up to 2 hrs flying.

Where do you do the trial flights and training ?
Aerochute HQ is in Melbourne VIC -Werribee 25 minutes from Melbourne CBD.
We also have flights available in NSW, QLD, SA and WA.

For other states contact the office.

When do you do the trail flights and training ?
7 days a week depending on weather. Flying times are between sunrise - 9.00am.

What is the lowest altitude I can fly at ?
Legally 300 ft or lower with permission from the property owner.

How many people can the aerochute fly ?
2 persons with combined weight of 200 kgs or 250kg in the Hummerchute.

What kind of license do I need for an Aerochute ?
Recreation Aviation Australia (RAA) group D power parachute license.

Can I fly with a passanger ?
Yes. Once you have 30 hours flying experinece and have passed a passenger endorsement exam.

Can I fly over the city ?

Can I fly if its windy ?
Yes. Up to 15 knots.

Where should I fly ?
Outside controlled airspace and with permission from the property owner.

Where shouldn't I fly ?
Not inside controlled airspace, not over a town and at least 500 metres from town boundry.

What do I need to wear when I fly ?
Wear warm clothes or a flying suiit. No loose clothing should be worn including scarves.

Is the Aerochute Civil Aviation Safety Australia (CASA) approved ?

Is there an Aerochute club ?
Yes. The Aerochute Association of Australia based in VIC.

Are there any Aerochute competitions ?
Yes. A National Aerochute competition held annually each Easter.

Is the Aerochute stable and comfortable to fly ?
Yes. As it uses four attachement points which makes flight very stable.

How much space do I need for take off ?
10 - 15 metres for solo take off or 40 - 50 metres for dual take off. Generally a football sized area is ample room for safe takeoff and landings.

Why do people buy an Aerochute ?
For their enjoyment and ease of use. Saftey, affordability, portability and fullfilling a life long dream to fly.


Do you offer any agent/instructor opportunities ?

Can I be an agent/instructor for your Aerochutes ?
Yes if you meet the critiea.

If I buy an Aerochute through my business is it tax deductable ?
If it is used for advertising your business or as a farm machine.

If I buy an Aerochute as a business will you help with initial setup of business ?
Yes through our Aerochute Accrediated Instructor course.


How much are the Aerochutes to buy ?
The price can vary with the accessories you add so please email for a complete price.

How much do trial flights cost ?
$145 inc. GST.

How much does it cost to get a pilots license ?
From $4000 or $2500 for a pilot conversion.

If I get my license and buy an aerochute do you give a special price ?
Yes. You get a discount off the price (not inc pilot conversions).

How much are new parachutes ?
$6000. They last about 800 hours.

How much does it cost to service the engine ?
About $25 every 25 hours for plugs and $75 for air filters at 100hrs.

What accessories do you sell ? How much are they ?
A list of accessories can be found in the Online Shopping or call the office.

Are spare parts for the aerochute expensive ?
No. Average pole price is about $70.

How much is the trailer to tow the aerochute with ?
Open trailers are approx. $1450. Enclosed trailers up to $4500.

Can I pay my aerochute off in regular installments ?

Do you offer any financing options for purchasing an aerochute ?


Where are the Aerochute's made ?
The Aerochute is manufactured in Melbourne Australia.

How long do they take to make ?
Waiting periods are 2 - 4 weeks once an order is placed.

Do you provide any Warranty for the Aerochute ?
Yes. 12 months warrany on frame and parachute, and 6 months on the engine.

Where do I purchase spare parts ?
From our Online Shop.

Can I choose my own colors for the parachute ?
Yes. This may take longer to manufacter.

Can I choose my own text and/or logo to be placed on the parachute ?
Yes, but this will incur an additional costs and time.

What kind of engine powers the Aerochute ?
Rotex 503 DCDI.

How do I transport the Aerochute ?
On a trailer or in a ute.

Does my Aerochute need to be stored under cover?
Yes. To protect it from weather.

How often do I service my Aerochute ?
- Every 25 hours for spark plugs.
- Every 100 hours gear oil, air filter and fuel filter and for parachute inspection.

Can I service the Aerochute myself ?
Yes. The engine and frame can be serviced by yourself. The parachute must be serviced by Aerochute Industries Australia.

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